A Vintage Recipe Collection

A collection of old fashion, handwritten, or typed recipe cards discovered in little old tin recipe boxes from the 1950's, 60's, or 70's.

Monday, August 10, 2009

3 years of ignoring my blog.

How does it happen? One minute you are blogging on a daily basis and the next thing you know, 3 years have passed. I never even noticed the blog was missing. It seemed like only yesterday, I was happily keyboard blogging, than there was a short face book phase, a MySpace investigation, and a twitter fling with the blog nowhere to be found. I like a blog, it feels natural, easy and slower pace than the passing fads of the social networking sites. I don't want to be "in touch" with other humans all the time. I need my alone time, some space on the net to call my own. To me, this little blog is like taking time to smell the roses, laying in a hammock under the shade of an old oak tree or meandering by a lovely meadow stream. Although I don't know how, nor have ever meandered, it does sound lovely. With that said, here I am, three years later taking time to smell the roses, lay in a hammock and meander, without the prying eyes of face book, MySpace, or twitter. Care to join me?